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Hi, I’m April, a London based Style, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger and vlogger *waves*

I find writing these about be pages really cringey, like being in a job interview and being asked what you like to do in your spare time. However, I’ll attempt to give you a little nugget of me here.

That’s me below

I like monochrome… to a point where it’s a bit obsessive… even down to my pets, I have a grey and white house bunny named bugs. He’ll be making many an appearance on here as he likes to run all over feature in my photography.

I also make videos on youtube, so if reading isn’t for you, head on over to see me talk about beauty watch hauls and generally watch me make a fool of myself on line.

Glad this painful experience is over, not sure you’ve learnt too much about me other than how much I hate writing about me pages, but hey, at least we’ve bonded over something.