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So who is she?

I know that’s the question on everyones lips, or, more likely, you’ve stumbled on this page by accident.

I’m April, a youtuber, blogger and instagrammer born and raised in London town. On youtube under the name HelloApril¬†you’ll find me vlogging about my favourite primark purchases, beauty must haves and the occasional lifestyle video.

On this blog you’ll probably notice my love of long sentences, which usually makes my SEO checker alarmingly flash red. All jokes aside, I reserve this blog for things I prefer to write about, meaningful(ish) posts about living life as a millenial. Posts I can sit, think about and mull over. As well as the good ol’ beauty and fashion stuff.

And on instagram, well, I post a fair few photos of my outfits, and daily videos of my pug Finn. So if you follow me, I hope you like dogs.

I’ve had this online space for a few years now and in that time I have worked with a whole range of brands. Beauty brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline to high street brands such as Tesco and Boohoo. I’ve been featured in Look magazine as well as hosting workshops at blogger events.

Now you might look at this and wonder ‘what’s her niche?’ or ‘Why should I follow her?’.

I’m making the no niche, niche my thing. I love budget brands and love high end, I like finding that amazing product that puts all others to shame and I know that’s what a lot of people are interested in too. I’m passionate about what i’m passionate about and I’m hoping that shines through.