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Long term favourite beauty products

Long term favourite beauty products

When I first got into makeup i felt like a whole world was opening up to me. Each week I would look through magazines, and join beauty groups to check out the latest launches, and loved finding new products to add to my collection.

From then until now, I feel like the beauty industry has really exploded, with launches a plenty, but innovation now becoming quite rare. While I am thankful for brands such as Revolution, who are challenging the beauty industry by producing high quality products for a fraction of the high end price, I do feel like there is little scope for brands to come out with innovative and new products that fill a void.

Because of this, I have noticed that over recent months I haven’t really been excited about launches, and have been reaching for the same products I was completely wowed by a few years back.

Nars sheer glow will always be my firm favourite. Before I found this foundation, I thought I was destines to have dry looking skin as the result of full coverage foundations. Nars sheer glow is light, high coverage and long lasting. Everything I need form a foundation.

L’oreal True Match is another foundation that has reached peak status in my makeup bag. I currently have it in 5 shades in my collection ranging from ‘I’ve never seen sunlight’ to ‘I’ve been on a 6 week med cruise’. The reason I have this one in so many shades s Nars is purely down to price. This foundation is ¬£9.99, a third the price of sheer glow, but not a third of the quality.

When it comes to eyes, more specifically mascara, I can be very fussy. But since buying maybelline lash sensational I have not really tried any other mascara. For me, this mascara is perfection, it adds length to my lashes but also bulks them out making my lashes look less sparse than usual.

I think you’ll notice a theme here and that’s if I can find a product in the drugstore that works perfectly, I usually won’t bother trying any other high end brands. I’m happy to spend money when it’s needed, but if I don’t have to, then I wont.

Another eye product that I have loved for years is Peptalash. I don’t think you can buy it in the UK anymore, but it was produced by indeed labs and I managed to stash a few bottles away before it was discontinued. This is a lash serum that promises to lengthen and thicken your lashes in under 2 weeks. I was super sceptical before trying this, but can honestly say it makes such a difference to my lashes. Especially since I tend to pull my lashes out when stressed.

Although you can’t get peptalash in theUK anymore, I have seen some amazing reviews of revitalash which is another lash serum that is easily accessible at places like boots.

Since purchasing my first ABH dip brow in 2016, I have bought pot after pot and can’t imagine life without a coloured brow gel. This was a product I was sure was going to be a fad, and a phase. Who knew instagram brows would really take off? As my brows are quite bushy anyway, I never thought I needed to do too much to them, but since getting this product, I feel like my whole face is transformed. I am now one of those people who feels like they aren’t quite dressed¬† until they have their brows on.

Liquid lipsticks were one thing I was sure would be a phase, but as any great beauty blogger did I went out and started a strong liquid lipstick collection. One particular one was Kat Von D Bow and Arrow, I got this on my first trip to Florida years ago (thinking about it, I probably should go and replace it because it is really, really old). This is one of my favourite lipsticks for about 700 reasons. Firstly it is such a lovely nude brown shade that it goes with any makeup look. It’s a great colour match for my skin and seems to be my perfect my lips but better shade.

It is also probably one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas, it dries down to a nice matte, but feel slightly elastic on the lips, so doesn’t crack or peel. Due to the colour, I find that, although it is definitely really long lasting, if it does rub off throughout the day, it isn’t really that noticeable, not as much as a red would.

I mean, I think I’ll always try new products and will always ben on the look out for new launches, but these are my long term favourite products, and the products any new launches really have to compete with.


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