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Minimal Skincare Favourites

Minimal Skincare Favourites

I’ve been going through a bit of a minimalist journey over the past year, and have been culling and cutting down on a lot of my things. One thing that hasn’t been cut down, and has actually increased in size, is my everyday skincare.

Although I am trying to cut down on my overall posesions, I want things that work well, and I enjoy having and using. I *think* I have found the magic combination of products that make my skin look and feel good, without feeling like a chore.

If you aren’t into reading, I have a video you can watch too. All the same products I love, but also with my face, talking at you

Superfacialist Vitamin C Oil

I use this citrus scented cleansing oil both morning and night to cleanse my face of dirt or makeup. The oil is light, and emulsifies with water so doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin. It also smells AH-mazing!

Indeed Labs Retinol and Vitamin C

I next use one of these two products. I use the retinol in the evening to brighten and tighten my skin (or whatever it does If im honest, a friend said I should use retinol) and I use the vitamin C cream in the morning to righten my skin. MY main problem is my dark eye bags, and I am under no illusions that creams will stop the skin being so thin you see my veins through it, but I do hope a brightening effect will make me look more awake. 

Clinique daily spf 20 cream and la mer cream

I follow the above steps with one of these two creams. I got given the La Mer cream from a friend, and at first, I hated it. I didn’t like how thick it was and it didn’t seem very luxury. A few weeks ago I thought I would give it another go. I used a tiny bit of product and was so pleased with how my skin felt. I use this in the evening to really work it’s magic overnight.

I then use the clinique cream in the morning as it has SPF in it. Using retinol requires an SPF as I *think* it breaks down your natural spf barrier. Who knows.


Pai Rosehip oil

Finally, depending on how I feel I will add the Pai rosehip oil before bed. Again, I wasn’t a fan of this at first. I don’t like the smell, and it often leaves an orange stain on my white pillow cases.

I used this recently and noticed how much it reduced some scarring I had on my face. I had a few spots which don’t seem to have faded as well as usual, so using this has been great at helping them fade and heal.

So here it is, my 7 product morning and night skincare routine. I don’t do all of the steps religiously, but I do try and cleanse and moisturise my face in the morning and evening as standard.



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