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Orange is the new me

Orange is the new me

I’ve always been that person to appreciate style from afar, but never thought I was brave enough or stylish enough to rock certain things, like orange hair.

In december I decided I didn’t want to be that person anymore, and after months of lusting after Megs, Amy and many other babes rocking orange hair, I decided to take the plunge and bought a bottle 4 bottles of orange hair dye.  At first it didn’t really feel like me and if i’m honest, I thought I’d made a huge mistake. But as he dye was permanent I decided I’d just wait til it washed out and go back to a normal mid brown ombre. Luckily, the dye was permanent, and over the month that it took to fade out to a peachy mess, I really started to feel like the colour was me.

Over that month, what I did learn though, was that my hair grows incredibly fast; and if I were to keep up this orange hair facade I’d need to get used to that rooty look. I had also been brightening the appearance of my hair in photographs and on instagram (shock horror, what you see online isn’t real) and realised that I really did like the more orange toned hues than the copper brown I had thought initially.

As much as I wanted to achieve the bright, vibrant orange tones I knew I couldn’t get that at home, so booked into my hairdressers Jones and Payne in Convent Garden and had them give me the hair I wanted. I decided to add a cold brown stretched root to make the appearance of my own roots blend in a bit more with the orange, and allow me some valuable time between dyes.

Although I do still get some odd comments from irl people, because let’s face it, orange isn’t a hair colour seen in most offices (not to be mistaken for ginger) I do absolutely love the colour. I feel like my personal style has changed a bit, and feel like a whole new person, yet more me than I’ve felt for a while. It has given me the confidence to try new styles, and give trends I loved, but didn’t think I could pull of a go- I’m looking at you fishnets and jeans.


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