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Why I *probably* wont be getting lip fillers again

Why I *probably* wont be getting lip fillers again

For as long as I can remember, my lips have been a bit of an issue for me. I was always jealous of my older sisters lips, so full and defined. Unlucky for me, I had inherited the other lips that run in my family, thin, lifeless and disappear when I speak.

Lip fillers had always been something I thought of as expensive, inaccessible and quite honestly, not a great idea. All those 90’s lip filler disasters really turned me off the idea that I could get nice, natural looking lips, using fillers.

Step forward Kylie Jenner. If there’s anyone who can be attributed to the rise in lip fillers, it has to be her. I think we all knew she had had work done, when she was adamant that it was all down to that mac lip liner. After Kylie came out and said she had been having lip fillers, a little light went on in my head. Our lips were so similar in the ‘before’ shots, that I actually thought I had some hope of getting naturally looking full lips.

After doing a lot of research, I decided to give lip fillers a go. Most good quality fillers like juviderm, naturally break down in the body after 6-12 months, so even if I hated it, it won’t be forever. To me, however, this was still quite a big decision, and getting fillers was not something I did on a whim. I wanted to be well informed, and go to a licensed professional.

So, you might be wondering, why wont I be getting fillers again? There’s no one answer, but just quite a few small things that have made me feel a bit uneasy about it. I went to one of the best clinics I could find, who was recommended by many people. But I felt the service was a bit average. I felt rushed, and that this kind of augmentation was really played down. I got to the clinic and was in a queue of quite a few people, I was given some numbing cream and some photos to look at. When it was my ‘turn’ as it were, I felt like the numbing cream made it hard to speak and really show what I wanted done. I would have preferred to have had a chat with the practitioner before all of this.

The clinic itself was lovely, and I was given so much information and guidance going in and afterwards. But I just felt, especially for my first time, I would have liked a bit more hand holding.

I also bruised really, really badly after it. I had two 0.5ml injections over a month, which was recommended to me as it was my first time getting fillers, but on both occasions I was bruised for about a week afterwards. I took all the recommended vitamins and suppliments, but still ended up looking like I had been in a fight. One of my work friends asked if my puppy had bitten me, which if i’m honest was a lot nicer than another person who shouted ‘April, what’s wrong with your face’ over the office. I know this seems like such a silly thing, but if I were to have top-ups every 6 months, I feel like I would need to take a few days off work for it to heal, wasting a lot of time.

And I guess the final thing is something that is going to be really hard to explain. I thought this would be quite life changing, I thought that the issue I had would go and I would just feel a bit more like me. In reality I felt the same, and I thought I looked very similar to how I did. The main issue, that my lips kind of disappear when I speak, was sorted. But day to day, did I really see a difference. No.

With all this said, I am quite please that I had this done, and I think I have benefitted a lot from the treatment. If only to put my mind to rest on how I might have looked had I done it. It has made me accept myself for who I am, and embrace the things I am unable to change, because I have had this experience of changing something, and seeing little benefit.

But who knows, in a year, I might look back at photos of me from today and miss the sublte change in my lips. If you want any information, or just want to chat about lip fillers, feel free to DM me on insta @april_todd or tweet me.



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