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I’ve been wanting to discuss my skincare routine for so many years, but whenever I do it seems like a rant more than a discussion, and I end up feeling so negative. I really hope this post on my skincare sounds positive as I just want to share with you all the things that I use and love.

So let’s start at the beginning. I don’t have a skincare routine. Part of the reason I restarted this blog was to be as ┬átransparent as I could be, so I know you may be wondering why I filmed a morning and evening skincare routine video and in all honesty, I kept seeing them on youtube and thought they would be fun to film. I kept seeing girls with 20+ items in their routines and felt like my skincare was inadequate; so I bought a load of skincare and for the week that I filmed those videos, that’s what I was using.

The items soon found their ways to the back of the drawers leaving three items in my everyday rotation, and currently only one item that I use daily. The three items were a cleanser, a moisturiser and trusty face wipes, and for various reasons I am currently only using face wipes as my skincare.

Why I don’t feel the need to use skincare

I’m a firm believer that your skin will eventually sort itself out. When I look back at my old skincare routine I would exfoliate and remove all the natural oils from my skin, only to add an oil and moisturiser back in. I slowly started to remove things from my skincare routine and now only use things when I feel my skin needs them.

I had a recent flare up of eczema on my face, around my nose and mouth and nothing I did could get rid of it. I spend weeks amending my skincare routine, adding moisturisers, taking away scrubs and nothing I did got rid of it. I then bought some eczema cream and that evening took my makeup off with a facewipe as I was being lazy. The next day the eczema had gone. I was amazed.

That evening I did a more extravagant skincare routine and cleansed with a hot cloth cleanser before a serum and moisturiser and even with the eczema cream, the eczema has returned the next day.

Since that day over 2 weeks ago I have only been using facewipes to remove my makeup, and use warm water and a cloth to clean my face.

As always, this is just what works for me, my skin is dry-ish and normal. I don’t suffer from acne or any other skin conditions. I’m not saying facewipes are a miracle products to solve all of your problems. What I did want to do with this post was show an alternative to the really lavish skincare routines out there. I want to contrast the idea that you need to have expensive products to feel good in your skin. This is what works for me, and if you’re yet to find a skincare routine that works for you, try going simple for a bit.


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