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Influencer trends for 2019

In 2018 we saw a lot of influencer trends come to light, in 2019 these influencer or blogger trends will really take off. Here are my predictions for trends we will see across youtube, blogging and instagram over the next year.


If 2018 taught us something, it was that a lot of people are over the glossy, and ultra curated feeds of the top influencers. With both emerging and established bloggers yearning for the simpler days. The days where you would write a post Saturday morning, and by the afternoon it was published.

What I predict is that influencers will strip back the curation and start posting more short snappy posts. Posts without highly edited photos and more thought posts. With instagram *prioritising* phone photos I see more influencers utilising their iphones for quick on the go photography. That’s not to say they won’t still be edited and curated, but on the go apps vs desktop apps are likely to be more popular too.

Where this will really be noticeable though, is youtube. Youtube goes through cycles. We have cycled through the relatable youtubers (who are now millionaires). We have cycled through the heavily curated sit down videos. We’ve cycled through people with amazing skills, MUA’s for example really killing it with content. I feel like we are sortof, only slightly back at the first cycle.

What a lot of those cycles have in common is that a lot of the people behind the channels also had vlog channels. But in an age where people are looking for more relatable, everyday content, I see pure vlog channels making a comeback. People such as Emma Chamberlain have exploded in 2018 by posting regular, witty and (sometimes poorly) edited vlogs. Even the queen herself, Zoella, now goes by Zoe Sugg and only posts on her vlog channel.


In direct contrast to the first point, my second influencer trend of 2019 is the surreal. Over the past few months I have seen an explosion of bloggers using apps like mextures, enlight and pixlr to create hyper real and surreal images.

At the beginning of the year a blogger was called out for adding fake birds and hot air balloons to her instagram photos. As usual there weer a lot of complaints from people suggesting her imagery wasn’t portraying a realistic setting. For me, the only issue I had with the whole situation is that she didn’t just admit to it. The images were lovely and the attempt at a photoshop wasn’t half bad.

Influencers have been using photo manipulation techniques for years and one of my favourites is QMike. He edits himself levitating around the globe and even has an emoji made after him. His images are stunning, beautifully photographed and edited with a touch of magic.

In 2019 I predict more bloggers and influencers using similar techniques in their photos in an effort to stand out. I’ve actually noticed a few influencers start to bring a few touches of magic to their photos already.

Mindful Consuming

And the final trend I see in 2019 will be mindful consuming. Over the past year we have become a lot more educated about the impact of fast fashion and waste on the world.

I’ve noticed a lot more influencers using their channels to talk about the impact and I hope this is a trend here to stay. Part of me is a little sceptical that they are only jumping on the topic because it is trendy. Similar to the uproar of clothing labour workers around 5 years ago, there was a lot of talk about it but it seems nobody cares about it anymore? Did you know that sequins can only be hand sewn? There is yet to be (correct me if I am wrong) a way to machine sew sequins, so when you buy a cut price top full of sequin embellishment just think of the hours someone had to spend on that garment.

Any who I digress

Being eco friendly has become trendy. Even I have jumped on it, trying to cut down my waste and live a greener lifestyle.

In blogs I predict that there will be more wishlist posts like the old days. Instead of people buying a whole outfit they are likely to write about a few key pieces that they loved.

On youtube I see a similar thing. Instead of hauls I predict more styling videos. More ‘how to look great on x budget’ and more videos showing people how to use what they have. Tying in with more real life content like I’ve mentioned above, I think youtube will take more of a real life approach vs the endless shopping teenagers we saw previously.

There we have it

Those are the three influencer trends I see coming into play in 2019.


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