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Originally I was going to call this post ‘how to stop burnout’ or something similar, but the more I wrote the more I realised that there really is no way to top burnout or to prevent it, unless you have an endless amount of holiday and a massive pot of cash.

This post has got me thinking about a time when I didn’t have burnout, when I was at school and university I had a break every few months due to school holidays, when I started working I was on a weird shift pattern which meant that I either worked early morning and had most of my afternoons free, or worked into the evening and had a nice lie in.

I only really started to get burnout when I started the daily grind of a 9-5. It isn’t the 9-5 that does it to me though, I like routine, what I am missing is a break from the routine to recharge and relax. Having a side gig really helps me when it comes to having a break from the monotony of office life, but it also adds a slight bit of overwhelm to my day making burnout a bit more prominent.

I struggle a lot with burnout during the winter too, I think the cold mornings teamed with lack of sunlight makes me all round miserable, tired and feeling like I need a break from it all.

So, how do I try and fight burnout?

It’s easy to see that I don’t cope that well with burnout. Over the past few years that I have run this blog and youtube channel I have had a few months break every 6-8 months to recharge. The more I think about it, the more I want to see this place I hold on the internet as a TV series, for a few months of the year I go hard, and then for a few months when I want a break, there will be less content.

I’ve gone off on a tangent

One thing I really like to do is to schedule in holidays from work. I used to think I was wasting my holiday taking a random Monday off, but knowing that I had an extra day to my weekend each month meant that I didn’t feel overwhelmed and burntout as often. Last year I saved up my holiday and ended up having every Friday off in August and it was heaven.

Something that triggers my burnout is often boredom. It seems quite counter productive, to be productive when you feel like you are totally burnt out, but I often find by stimulating my mind with something different, I often become a lot more productive once again. If you feel in a bit of a rut with your photography, why not go to an art gallery and get a different perspective. I really enjoy watching software tutorials so when I feel a bit lacking in motivation, creativity and all that I throw on some sort of 3D modelling tutorial which often sparks my mind with ideas for something completely different.

Sometimes though, you just need to rest and ride it out. We all get burnt out, and as much as we all try and fight it there are some occasions where you just need a big rest, a sleep, a tub of ice cream or a good book. Just know that burnout will pass, you will feel motivated and full of inspiration once again. Also don’t make any rash decisions when you’re burntout. I deleted my blog, hosting and all that jazz a month deep in burnout and I haven’t been able to get back any of the posts from 2014-2017.



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