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How to stop being so Lazy

I am the laziest person ever, so you know, that if I am saying these are some tips that I use to stop being so lazy and get myself up and motivated,  you know they’re tried and tested.

Recently I have taken on the job of walking Finn in the morning, which means I have to get up half hour before I usually would to have enough time to make sure he has had sufficient fun in the park before I go to work. Before Christmas I got into such a bad routine of snoozing my alarm and eating into the walking time and making me feel like an awful human. Spoiler, it ended up eating into my getting ready time, I am not actually an awful person, Finn got his walks.

I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to get up when my alarm goes off and knowing that I have to walk a little ball of love really does help. But if you don’t have your own pug to walk (you can come to mine at 6am and walk him if you really want), then setting an earlier alarm which you can snooze through is a great way to trick yourself into thinking you’ve had that extra lie in but not eaten into your actual time.


Jacket: Pimkie

Blouse: ASOS

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Washing my face in the morning has also been a great help, I know, I never used to wash my face in the morning grim. But if I’d done a full routine before bed, I had no real need to wash my face. But having something to get out of bed for, which isn’t just to get ready for the day has helped me get out of bed easier. It helps that the new face oil I bought smells amazing, and feels like a luxury.

A mindless activity like this just helps you start to wake up, even if you aren’t fully awake. Something like brushing your teeth, or splashing some water over your face will get you moving and quickly forget about how tired you are as you start to get on with your day.

Getting dressed is also very helpful to nip a lazy day in the bud. I’m all about PJs and netflix days but I often find that if I start the day in my slobby clothes, the whole day ends up being a slobby day. The best way I have found to set myself up for getting shit done that day is to get dressed and do a face of makeup. On weekends or days I am working from home I have made the effort to put on some jeans and a t shirt, slap on a bit of light makeup and I instantly feel energised and ready for the day.

This has the added bonus of not needed to think about getting ready before going about my daily chores. Things like nipping to the shops to get milk, or popping in to visit family seem a lot easier without the burden of getting myself dressed and ready.

These are all things I do that just help me feel a bit less lazy and a lot more like I have my shit together.



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