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Lumie Light Review

Lumie Light Review

For the last few years I have really been suffering with waking up during the dark winter months. I heard about the lumie light alarm clock but never wanted to shell out the money on something I wasn’t sure would work. This being said, I knew I couldn’t go another winter with the dread of waking up everyday and decided to finally get myself a lumie light alarm clock, and if you’ve clicked on this post, you already know I’m going to review it.

First impressions

My first impressions of the clock weren’t great, I got one from amazon at ¬£40, which is ¬£15-20 cheaper than other places. It just didn’t seem as big as I thought, and didn’t feel like a very luxury product. I must admit, I am a designer, so how something looks and the user experience of a product is equally as important as the functionality for me. If i’m honest, this is one reason I didn’t get it before. It just doesn’t look very appealing.

I got home, plugged in the light and got it all set up, it was quite easy to set and the usability is really clear. I opted for just the light, and no alarm clock sound in the morning. This way, I could set my phone alarm to wake me up within a half hour period knowing there would be some light. As I said before, the usability of the clock was good, but I didn’t want to have to set it to a different time each day. Sidenote, I know it is recommended to set your alarm at the same time each day, but some days I need to walk the dog before work, and other days I need to wash off my fake tan. Those extra 15 minutes in bed are everything to me!

The disaster

After about a week of use, I wasn’t sure if the lumie light alarm clock was really working. I still felt tired when I woke up in the day, but did feel like the sunset setting got me to sleep well. This was until I smashed the bulb. I was trying to look for a pair of glasses and thought it would be a great idea to use the light to see under my bed, the clock fell a few inches and hit the floor shattering the bulb.

If anything this was a blessing in disguise.

In the 3 days it took to get a replacement bulb, again from amazon, I noticed a drastic difference in my sleep. I felt like it was harder to get to sleep without the sunset function, and waking up was awful. I would open my eyes to my alarm, in pitch darkness thinking there must be a mistake because it felt like the middle of the night. It was only by going without it for a few days, that I realised how much of a positive impact the lumie light clock was having on me.

So there it is, not the most sexy of posts here on my blog. But if you, like me, struggle to wake up in the winter when mornings are dark, it may be the saviour you have been looking for.

Not a paid, review, I bought this with my own moneys

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