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Looking for my personal style

Looking for my personal style

My personal style has been anything but personal for the past few years. With the rise of fashion bloggers, pinterest and instagram it is so easy to lose your personal style in a sea of everyone else’s


Dress & Coat: Missguided | Sunglasses: Amazon

In the past I would say my style was normal, bordering on the chav look. I loved me some good hoop earrings and a tracksuit, but most of all I loved trainers and jeans. To be honest, I now look at my style and don’t really think much has changed, I even went to buy some hoop earrings a week back.

I wasn’t one to really look into style or magazines when I was younger, so spent a lot of my time playing it safe, and buying clothes my peers wore. I knew what was in fashion as my friends were wearing certain items, but I never really knew what would be in style and I was always a season behind, and buying plain items I knew wouldn’t age.

Statement pieces

I then tried my hand at buying really nice statement pieces, to bulk out my wardrobe. I bought things from pastel colouttes (thanks Charlotte Fisher for influencing this) to glittery jelly shoes. I loved seeing how people had styles up really quirky pieces on instagram (there’s going to be a theme here) and wanted to look like I really knew my personal style, and had one.

Safe to say this didn’t work out, the pieces I bought were great for an insta pic, but weren’t the type of clothes I wore day to day, and I ended up with a wardrobe full of clothes that I loved, but weren’t practical to wear. I also found that I looked pretty weird in most of the things I bought, there always seemed to be something missing from my outfit, and I couldn’t quite tie everything together.

Minimal capsule

Fast forward to about 6 months ago, capsule wardrobing is all the rage, people like Anna from the Anna edit are raving about how this has changed her life, and I thought I would give it a go.

For a few months leading up to this I had taken a real interest in minimalism; I had never really been sentimental about anything I owned, and I loved the idea of just having things you need or that bring you joy. I had also been dressing pretty minimally too, I bought a few packs of plain white boys t-shirts from Primark, and spent most days teaming this with jeans and some black of white trainers.

I decided to give the capsule wardrobe thing a go. I started on pinterest and made a board of styles that I loved, and they were all pretty similar minimal scandi style. I loved how simple but elegant the girls in the photos looked and wanted to have that same ‘effortless put together-ness’ about me.

I drew up a colour palette and culled 80% of my wardrobe. I then made a list of what was missing and went shopping. I ended up with a wardrobe full of neutral coloured basics and I was in love. I chose to keep things that were black, white, grey, beige, pink and denim. Looking back now, I’m not really sure why I chose to keep pink- a colour that I don’t really like, and don’t feel suits my skintone, and ditch all my lovely red blouses- but I did.

Once again, this wasn’t sustainable. I went on a night out for a friend birthday and had nothing to wear other than jeans and a basic t-shirt. I looked so basic. LITERALLY BASIC. I also felt like the clothes I was wearing to work made me look a bit scruffy, I didn’t look like the elegant girls on my pinterest board, instead I look like someone who had made no effort.


I’m sorry if you’ve come this far and was expecting some epiphany, but alas, I haven’t. I am still looking for my personal style, and have instead, decided to start shopping again. I like the idea of a minimal wardrobe, but I want to add a few nice statement pieces in to break up the bland basic items.

I noticed a theme with my personal style and it’s that I was buying pieces and expecting them to look amazing without me ‘styling’ them much. Going back as far as I could remember this has always been a theme, I buy items I like, and never thinkĀ about how I would wear them, or what kind of accessories I could wear with them.

Last week, I tried to put together an outfit around a dress I liked, I paired with with some shoes, a jacket and a bag I liked from the same website. It was only after doing this that I realised I already had a bag and jacket similar to what I had placed into my basket, and I already had a way to style up the dress and shoes.

Going forward I’m aiming to start shopping a bit more thoughtfully. Putting together whole outfits before buying items, really thinking about how I can style the outfit.



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