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Pandora Reflexions – The Charm Bracelet with Sophisticated Charm

Pandora Reflexions – The Charm Bracelet with Sophisticated Charm
Gifted Item

For as long as I can remember I have loved charm bracelets. I love the idea of having a piece of jewellery that can grow with you, adding pieces as your life evolves, so as soon as I heard Pandora were releasing a new pandora reflexions collection I knew I would love it.

There’s something so magical about a bracelet full of tiny trinkets with meaning. I got my first charm bracelet for my 18th birthday. Since then I have been filling it. For every birthday, special event of Christmas I would get a new charm to add to my collection. It’s funny how even the most minimal and non sentimental of us (me) can get such an attachment to a piece of jewellery. After filling the bracelet I rarely wore it out, it became too sentimental and I was worried about losing it or any of the charms.

The pandora reflexions collection is, what I would call, an adults charm bracelet. To me, it has a more sophisticated vibe, and is a lot more subtle and classic than most. The band is flat and thick, and is tight to the wrist with a little clasp with the iconic pandora logo debossed. The charms in the collection are also a lot more flat, and slip onto the strap, they range from classic jewels to tiny hearts and there are a few I have my eye on.

The¬†pandora reflexions collection comes in three colours, I opted for silver as I have been having a real moment with it recently. Going into winter, I love the cooler tones of silver, and they really make the tiny bit of summer tan left over pop. If gold or rose gold is more your thing, this collection comes in both, with the charms also coming in these three colours. I really love the idea of mixing the colours on the band, and can’t wait to start filling it!


Gifted Item

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