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2018 on reflection

2018 on reflection

As years go 2018 wasn’t a bad one. But as always I want to look back at the year, my highs and lows, and reflect on who I want to be in 2019.

I started the year as I do all years. Full of motivation and ready to slay some goals. I had a bunch of goals, read through various ‘january’ books and thought nothing could stop me. Fast forward 3 months and I was already burnt out completely. What I learnt this year is hat goals don’t really resonate with me. I write down lots of goals, smart goals and step by steps. But I always forget them and they never get done. The easier it is for me to stick to something the more likely I am to stick to it.

Instead of goals, this year I have decided to have a theme for the year, and a set of anti-goals. My theme for the year is moderation and from that also consistency. I do everything in excess and I really want to start living a more moderate life. There are so many areas of my life I want to improve and moderation covers them all. Food, money, relationships etc.

Consistency comes into play based on my goals from last year. I can have the wildest goals and the best content but it means nothing if it isn’t consistent. This year I want to focus on being consistent with everything in my life. I’m very hit or miss, all or nothing and I want to make sure I am a lot more balanced in 2019.

One massive life lesson I got this year was that living month to month is stressful. I had a few holidays, extravagant purchases and other expenses this year and it felt like all I was doing was chasing the next payment. I not only want to spend in moderation I also want to start saving consistently. Whether it be £5 or £500 saving consistently each month soon adds up.

During a trip to Paris with friends I realised how abnormal my energy levels were compared with others. I always knew my energy levels were low but it really highlighted just how little energy I actually had. I could barely keep up after 3pm. This prompted me to finally see a doctor and although there’s nothing physically wrong, there’s no doubt my energy levels are abnormally low. Going into 2019 I want to focus on making my body as healthy as it can be, to give myself the most energy I can have. I currently eat pretty poorly and this definitely has an effect on my energy.

In November I booked in a shoot with Fifi to get photos for my instagram and blog for the month of December, and oh my, December was the least stressful month by far. In the book the one thing there’s this quote:

What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

At the beginning of the year I read that and thought it was getting rid of a social media to focus on others. What this actually means, to me anyway, was that if I batch photographed say 10-15 photos a month, I wouldn’t have the weekly stress of having to take photos.

In 2019 I want to focus on more actions like this where I can batch or streamline how I work to make sure I stick to a consistent schedule of posting. The same way living month to month is stressful to me so is only having that weeks content ready. I want to make sure that I have a few weeks worth of content for each media I post in to make sure that if i’m ill, or if i’m just not feeling up to it, there’s a backup.

So here it is, my 2018 roundup and reflection going into 2019. What’s your biggest life lesson of 2018?


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