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Oh look, I’m back. Again again again. This time I’m not even going to explain myself, I wasn’t feeling it and I decided to take a back seat.

At one point I decided to take 2018 off, write off the year ‘finding myself’ I even wrote a post about it. It was only while reading a book I came across a quote that has changed my outlook on things.

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself’ – George Bernard shaw.

Instead of starting 2018 trying to find myself, I would try and create the person I want to be, my goals are centred around that and I think this blog still has a place there.

Coat: Primark | Jeans: Missguided | Shoes: Missguided | Headband: Primark | Pic credit: www.laurzrah.com


I thought I would start 2018 with sharing my goals for the year, just personal goals not blogging ones.    I’ve made a new page on my blog to hold myself accountable for these goals so each month I will do a little update on them and you can all see if I’ve stuck to them of are failing miserably.


My first goal is to get my finances in gear. In 2016 I bought a lovely little flat, and since then I haven’t really been great with my money. There always seems to be another thing to pay for, like getting a little runaround car, getting a puppy (non essential but has had the BEST impact on my life). Right before Christmas my boiler broke down and it was so stressful trying to find the money to pay for it.

In 2018 I don’t want to have this stress, I want to be able to have a little buffer for things that breakdown. I’m currently reading a book that I think is going to help with this, and will share it with you all once I finish.


A few weeks ago I was at my aunts house with my family and everyone was talking about their cholesterol, heart problems and all that jazz and my mum asked me if I had high cholesterol. Apparently that runs in our family. I had absolutely no idea, and if I’m honest, with the amount of butter I consume, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t high.

Every year I want to get rid of the extra ring around my belly but never actually think of what else is going on inside. I want 2018 to be the year I adopt a healthy diet. I don’t mean fad diet, or any quick fixes, I want to eat healthily and adopt this as my life.

I do hope this also impacts my weight, but my top priority first and foremost is to start eating healthier. My diet currently isn’t the worst, but there can definitely be improvements. To kick start this I am trying Veganu(week) I know it’s meant to be veganuary but I love dairy so much that I am trying it for a week, to get ideas for vegetable dishes.


This goal is mainly about being less lazy, because if I don’t have a reason to do something, I generally wont. I wasn’t always like this which is why I think I can break the habit.

There are quite a few things that fit into this category but a few things I want to organise time for are:

–  Making sure I do my hair and makeup daily

– Spending 30 minutes each day tidying

– Taking the time to do a full skincare routine morning and night

As you can see these are all small very trivial things, but for me they all make me feel a lot more relaxed. I know not everyone will agree but something as small as wearing makeup and taking the time to do my hair before work can really impact how I feel that day, confidence in meetings and my ability to feel all ‘girl boss I got this’.

I decided to centre all my goals around a theme this year and that is moderation. I’ve spent the last year living slightly excessively, spending money I don’t have, eating all of the cheese and generally being a lazy slob. Over the next year I want to be better at moderating all of this, and try to find a good life balance.

Glad you are still reading, I look forward to what 2018 has in store for us.


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  1. Laura Hollier
    January 1, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    YOU’RE BACK!!! Also yes please, start looking after your skin xoxo

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