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2019 Values and Anti-Goals

2019 Values and Anti-Goals


so it’s 2019, everyone is writing up their goals for the year and we’re all getting excited about the new start. Here’s the thing. I am not making goals this year. I’ve decided to do something a little different. Instead of goals I am having a theme for the year, an overarching value that I want to live by. I’m also making anti-goals. A set of things I don’t want to be doing in 2019. If you’re interested in this and want to do the same, I have a set of 7 videos on my youtube channel starting today about how I am making 2019 the best year ever.

So my themes for the year. If you’ve read yesterdays post you would have seen that they are moderation and consistency. These kindof came to me over the past few months. I seem to be an all or nothing kind of girl which links to both moderation and consistency. I also want to spend the year focussing on what I have and not what I want so having the focus be living in moderation was a good way to live that value too.

To me, it just felt like I have spent the last few years chasing thing, be that a promotion, a nice house or a puppy. Whenever I got something, I always wanted something more. And yes, this is how a lot of motivational books make you think you should behave. But it just didn’t feel nice constantly feeling like what I had or who I was, wasn’t enough.

I also feel like goals, for me anyway, are always set up to fail. We always get told to dream big, and if your goal is attainable then it isn’t big enough. Which are usually fine, but I feel like they are never linked to being grateful and really cherishing what you have. Which is why I am no longer setting goals. This might change in 3 months, I might feel ready for some dream big or go home goals. But for right now, it just didn’t seem right.

If you want to do this too but can’t really think of any values for the year you can try and think of a few goals you were planning on setting and see if any of them have a common value. For me, I knew I just wanted to live more moderately. I am a naturally greedy person, I want everything and I want it now, so moderation fit into a lot of my feelings. I also want to be more consistent, I am very all or nothing. Being consistent as a friend, online and at work were all things I wanted to do.

If you’re still struggling try and think of things that make you feel good, things in 2018 that made you happy and you want to do more of. Now do it for things you want to do less of. It might be that you’re an instagrammer but you feel most at ease making amazing content and your value for the year is creativity. You might have noticed that you are at your best once you’ve been for a walk and you want to become more active, so that’s your theme for the year.

As well as a value for the year there are a few things I want to do more of. Living sustainably is one of them. I often find I have a lot of un-recyclable waste and really want to cut down on that. I also want to start giving back to the community in some way. Taking an active part in this is important to me so I want to find some way I can be involved and not just give money to a charity or community in need.

There aren’t that many things I want to stop, my anti-goals if you will. Last year I wasn’t focussing on bandwagons, instagram, saying yes when I want to say no and engaging with people online. In 2019 I am keeping the bandwagon anti-goal but feel the others were a bit harsh.

One thing I am not going to do, as it really does make me so stressed is posting every youtube video onto this blog. I have a widget with my most recent videos, but for some reason I still try and post a blog post about every video. It’s pretty obvious I have a youtube channel so I don’t really need to post every video here too.



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