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How to come up with 100 creative blog post ideas in 5 minutes

How to come up with 100 creative blog post ideas in 5 minutes

I know i’ve only just come back to blogging, so I know what you’re thinking, what do I know about coming up with blog post ideas? A lot surprisingly. Coming up with creative ideas is something that I’ve been doing for years, through education and work, and there are a few tips that really help me when I have a blank paper, and need ideas.

Write something. Anything

A blank piece of paper is neither exciting nor inspiring. Tip 1 is to write something on that bit of paper, be it ‘blog ideas’ or ‘creative brainstorm’. I know it sounds like such a mindless thing to do, but writing something down will give you that kick start to get ideas flowing.


Once you have a title, I’d then suggest writing down some categories, once again this semi-mindless writing will get you into the ideas mood. If you have a blog, write your blog categories down. I usually start with Beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I then start writing types of posts down. In beauty, I tend to start with hauls, tutorials, favourites. In Fashion again, hauls, most worn, new in to my wardrobe and so on. What starts as just listing categories on your blog soon turns into ideas.

If by now you still don’t have any tangible ideas, try thinking a little (not too much) out of the box. Open your calendar and look at what season it is, are there any holidays or events coming up. As I’m writing this, it’s May going into June, transitioning into summer, this could be a good theme for ideas, new makeup trends for summer, clothes to transition into the warmer weather.

I think you’ve guessed by now but my advice is to just get words written down, and inspiration and ideas will follow. Literally anything can spin inspiration, pick a word, colour, theme and think about how you can incorporate that into a post. What skills do you have? I never thought I would get a post out of ideas creation but you’d be surprised how often I get asked about content creation.

If you are still stuck at this point, I have included a cheat sheet for you to download.

No idea is bad

If by this point you aren’t brimming with ideas, don’t worry. I imagine you’re just a little rusty, or, are afraid of writing down ideas that sound silly. Honestly, at this stage, just note down anything that comes to mind. You won’t be writing up all of these as blog posts anyway, but one ridiculous idea may turn into one tangible one.


This final stage of ideas creation will be the difference between a normal blog post, and a creative unique post- What I like to call flourishes. At this point you’ll likely have a bulging list of post ideas, as I said earlier, no idea is a bad one. But now is the time to really make these ideas your own, if we take a morning routine for example- anyone can post a morning routine, but what makes yours different? What will make someone click on your link over another post with the same title?

These flourishes can be anything from your skin type, the amount of time you have or a season. By having a Spring morning routine, you’ve already increased the potential from one blogpost to 4, and could make a series. If your skill is getting from bed to the train in 10 minutes; not that I do this…(ok I definitely do this), then your angle could be a 10 minute morning routine. When you start thinking of these additional ‘flourishes’ the possibilities for blog posts really are endless.

If you are struggling to add flourishes to your ideas, start with typing listing a few words to describe yourself or your style, when I think of myself the word lazy comes to mind. If all else fails, and I mean if ALL FAILS, type the idea into google and following with ‘for’ and you’ll get a whole heap of new ideas.

Remember, you can download my cheat sheet for blog post ideas here, and do let me know if this has been helpful



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