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Why I deleted the moment app

Why I deleted the moment app

It’s been a while since I saw a new app pop up on everyone’s social media, but momets, an app that tracks your phone usage has been making the rounds recently and I thought I would download it. I know I said at the beginning of the year that I would have my plans and goals and not deviate, but I was quite intrigued at how much time I was spending on my phone.

After just a day however, I have decided to delete the app; and here’s why.

Pics: HelloMissJordan | Location: Saint Aymes | Outfit: All Primark (apart from Jumper: Newlook)

First and foremost, I just don’t need another thing to feel bad about. There’s a tracker in the app and the more time you spend on your phone, the longer the line gets and it slowly changes from green to red if the app deems you to have spent too much time on your phone.  When it got to the evening and I wanted to edit a few pictures and reply to tweets, I felt quite bad doing it.

I kept seeing people posting screenshots of their stats being like ‘such a good day when you only spend an hour on your phone’ and it was making me feel bad that I spent so much time on my phone.

This had me thinking about when I was a lot younger, and there was uproar about how much time kids spent watching TV. I would spend 4-6 hours an evening watching TV, I absolutely lived for the newest series, and would even write myself a little TV schedule. It’s funny how, now social media is popular, nobody seems to care about how much TV people watch.

Another big factor in deleting the app after one day was that all phone time was treated as equal. Modern phones have so much more than just ‘fluff’ to look at. I use my phone for editing, youtube scheduling, music, learning and also for reading books. On top of this, I commute for 2 hours a day, so want to make the most of this time by using my phone.

For me, spending time on my phone equates to me growing my blog, learning new editing practices and expanding my knowledge by reading self development books. Yes I play the occasional 10 games of solitare and spend a lot more time than I should scrolling through my instagram feed lusting after unicorn lattes, but who is to say if I didn’t do this, my time would be better spent.

Without the convenient use of my phone, I would have to schedule in blocks of time to reply to tweets, wait til I was at a computer to schedule my youtube videos and would spend even more time editing photos to upload to instagram.

Although I feel like the app might be a great asset to some people who feel like they want to cut down the amount of time spent on their phone, for people like me, and probably most millennials, this app just isn’t for me. 2018 is the year I stop feeling bad for being who I am, and this app is just one more ball of negativity that I don’t need in my life.



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