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Why i’m a law of attraction convert, yet still a sceptic

Why i’m a law of attraction convert, yet still a sceptic

The law of attraction or the secret, seems to be cropping up a lot on lifestyle blogs, and mindful youtube channels. I’ve always been quite a sceptic, and from what I heard of it, if you delve deep enough, it gets a bit odd, semi religious and involves alien beings. But that aside, I decided before I massively wrote off the law of attraction, I would try it for myself.

From what I had been reading online, lots of people had different interpretations of the law of attraction, so I thought I would start by reading the book… but then I found out that the book is actually based on a documentary, so decided to watch that instead, seeing as it was on Netflix.  You can watch the documentary yourself, but I found it was quite repetitive, and a bit shallow. With the ‘experts’ stating you can have everything you desire. Lots of people saying you can cure cancer by thinking positively, and one guy going as far as saying everyday he can make sure he has a good parking space by just imagining it.

What I did like, however, was the emphasis on gratitude and positivity, enjoying what you have, not dwelling on what you don’t, and living in the moment. The idea that the more you focus on the good in your life, the more good that will come to you; and likewise, the more you dwell on the past and the bad in yur life, the more you’ll attract that energy. I semi agree with this, I feel like the more you focus on the good, the more likely you are to see it in life. If you are a happy positive person, people are likely to gravitate towards you, and be happy and positive back.

I mentioned this in my little things post, but I have been actively recalling all the small things I am grateful for, and have seen such a positive impact on my life and mood. Instead of getting down when my train is running late, I feel happy that I managed to get a seat on a packed train. You can tell I’m a Londoner, always talking about seats on trains, like gold dust.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the idea of a vision board, and imagining your life as you want it. Really feeling like you had achieved something before you have done it, and acting in that way. Similar to the notion that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, the more you think you already have something, the more people will see you as that. Say you want a promotion, if you start acting like your manager, you are more likely to be chosen for that promotion, vs someone who just does the minimum.

I’ve been using this to help me keep on track with this blog and my youtube channel. Instead of missing a video and thinking nobody would notice, I’ve been thinking, what would someone with 100,000 subscribers do? They wouldn’t miss an upload because they would disappoint everyone waiting for their videos.

I also believe that if you are constantly thinking about your goals, whether it be on a vision board, or just spending a few minutes each day manifesting the future you want in your mind; you are more likely to achieve them. If everyday you remind yourself that you are eating healthier to try and lower your cholestoral, you are more likely to refuse those doughnuts at work.

Now, on to the part I am still skeptical about. I think it is quite irresponsible to suggest that, by just thinking, imagining and feeling something that you can change your life. Like manifesting that you’ll get a pay rise at work, without putting in any effort. Like getting A*s in all your GCSE’s without revising sufficiently, and as mentioned above, suggesting that you can rid yourself of diseases by the law of attraction.

I feel the same way about the law of attraction as I do about horoscopes. If you are thinking about something, you are more likely to look out for it and notice it. In the documentary they suggest you start small, and think about a free cup of coffee, so that is what I did. I went to work and offered to buy coffees for people, and ended up buying someone a coffee. Not really the free coffee I was expecting but hey ho, the next day while digging around my pockets I found a few loyalty cards with stamps on and realized I had enough for a free coffee.

Now, someone might look at this and think ‘April, you got the free coffee… it worked’ but the way I look at this, is that, had it been any other day, I would have gotten my free coffee and thought nothing of it. But as I had been thinking about a free coffee, I may have attributed that to the law of attraction, when in reality, who knows? I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it had I not been interested in the law of attraction.

So here I am, still a sceptic, but very much a convert. I have seen such a positive impact on my life due to being more grateful, believing that my goals are more than achievable to the point I feel like I have achieved them and generally being more positive to attract that back. But do I think the law of attraction is a magic solution to everyone’s problems? No, definitely not.

But this is just my side, I’d love to know what you think of the secret, and if it has had any impact on your life.


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